Outwater Plastics has introduced a new line of LuxCore™ Translucent and Laminate Panels in three different formats to accommodate a unique and diversified variety of applications and decors. LuxCore™ is a proprietary translucent FRP panel imaged with an exclusive FusionTech™ manufacturing process in which un-backed aluminum sheets are treated with a highly scratch resistant coating and then imbued with design images and colors via a highly specialized infusing process. Available in several design images and colors, which can be paired in numerous combinations, LuxCore™ can be used alone as a translucent panel, or can be combined with an added backer or corresponding LuxCore™ Translucent Background Color to produce a laminate. For more information, contact Outwater Plastics, 24 River Road, P.O. Box 500, Bogota, NJ 07603; (Web Site)


Abet Laminati has introduced Diafos, a dynamically decorative surface, Translucent for see-through application or backed for case work. Diafos features three-dimensional decorations, created with translucent paper and melamine. The translucent laminates used as decorative dividing panels, add dramatic texture and style. Each sheet of Diafos, is 5l inches by 120 inches. For more information, contact Abet Laminati, 60 West Sheffield Ave., Englewood, NJ 07631; (Web Site)


Chemetal has introduced ten new warm and colorful designs, including three vibrantly tinted horizontal patterns. There are new “shades of gray,” blackened aluminums and two oxidized copper designs. For cooler tones, there’s the non-directional stainless steel HPL laminate and for functional, Chemetal adds a cost-effective magnetic dry erase to its collection of magnetic surfaces. The environmentally friendly materials are available in a variety of panel sizes. For more information, contact Chemetal, 39 O’Neill Street, Easthampton, MA 01027; (Web Site)


Hexacomb Corp. offers FALCONBOARD® a paper based graphic display board. Falconboard paper-based products are environmentally-responsible because they are made from renewable forest resources and are completely recyclable. Falconboard’s patent-pending process features an engineered paper core and water-based adhesives coupled with a white printing surface. It is available in three grades – Falconboard Print, suitable for a variety of wide formats and digital processes. The lightweight display board accommodates most inks and adhesives. Falconboard Build is recommended for short term to semi-permanent interior POP applications as a replacement for traditional wood or foam materials. Economical Falconboard Mount is ideal for applications that do not involve direct print. For more information, contact Hexacomb, l294 Barclay Blvd., Buffalo Grove, IL 600l5. (Web Site)


Panel Processing offers Pegboard Skinz, perforated paper overlays that can be placed directly over existing pegboard panels and secured with pegs, tree clips, or double-sided tape. These skinz make it easy to change a retail display or environment in moments. Printed sheets can be supplied with the peg hole pattern and specifications required. For more information, contact Panel Processing, 120 North Industrial Highway, Alpena, MI 49707; (Web Site)


ATI Decorative Laminates has introduced large-scale custom Murals with its proprietary Fusion Tech process in which images and color are embedded into a substrate. Any image, stock or custom, can be embedded into substrates including wood, metal, FRP, fabric and glass. The advantage of ATI’s Murals is the ability to include logos and other branding elements into the mural, while retaining its durability. For more information, contact ATI Decorative Laminates, 6l06 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27409; (Web Site)


DUCO’s Flexible Metal LED Circuit Boards offer the versatility and innovation to incorporate curved, animated lighting into a variety of P-O-P displays and retail lighting fixtures. The circuit boards include: built-in heat distribution for cooler performance while utilizing intensely bright, high-powered surface-mount LEDs. PCBs are only 0.15mm thin and they come in sheet sizes up to 10″ x 25″, and can be cut into any shape. They offer modular connectivity for unlimited size and creative lighting solutions. For more information, contact DUCO Technologies, 191 N. Gibson Rd., Henderson, NV 89014. (Web Site)


3A Composites USA has introduced SMART-X® graphic display board, the first heavy-duty foam board available in the Americas that is 100% recyclable. SMART-X is a premium-quality distinctive lightweight foam board consisting of an all-plastic sheet that is uniquely constructed with a moisture-resistant expanded polystyrene core and two layers of UV-resistant solid polystyrene (HIPS). SMART-X can be installed outdoors without experiencing any significant change in color for a period of up to two years. And, as a mono-material composite that is manufactured without adhesives applied between its core and facers, SMART-X cannot delaminate during exterior applications. SMART-X produces vibrant color in direct digital printing applications and is easily routed and milled for signs, displays and dramatic in-store lettering. SMART-X also can be used in mounting applications for indoor display. SMART-X is easy to recycle because it is made from 100 percent polystyrene with no adhesive applied between the core and cover layers. For more information, contact 3A Composites, 3480 Taylorsville Hwy, Statesville, NC 28625; (Web Site)