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Traditional recipes of beauty at home – skin rejuvenation of the face

Traditional recipes of beauty

Talking about beauty, the question immediately arises about health and want to find out which traditional recipes of beauty will help in its maintenance. Because basically the causes of aging and loss of beauty largely depend on it.

Also equally important is one’s success in life, both personal and professional. In other words, beauty is the totality of health and happiness in General. However, in some people these concepts are very abstract and they invested a different meaning in the concept of beauty . For many, this grooming: hair, skin, nails, teeth and more.

Of course if there is good health and a conditional worldly happiness, beauty is unchanging components which were listed. With daily personal care like support beauty and visual appeal, must bear a reasonable approach.

It’s no secret that many women, striving to achieve maximum beauty, make the skin into a testing ground for approbation of all available recipes, tools and techniques. Including all the novelties of cosmetic products.

We must not forget that to lose beauty can any of the proposed novelties of the cosmetics, if not to test on a small area of skin. Allergic deplorable the result might be very poor, which would be long to heal and lose for weeks,or even months, in General, the concept of attractiveness.

Any cream, for example. Must match the type of the skin. Age and not to have those allergens which may be the reaction in your case. With regard to protected national beauty techniques that a lot of them, you just have to choose something. In this article we will touch on only the most popular recipes of beauty.

Recipes beauty remedies at home

For example, to make their hair beautiful and attractive, you need to make them recharge in the form of a mask. To do this is to take burdock roots, chop them, add a couple of tablespoons of honey and apply this mixture after shampooing your hair for 15 minutes, wrapped head with a towel. Then rinse your hair with water. Good effect and a regular beer that is rubbed into the hair roots, leave at the same time, and then wash the head with shampoo.

Beauty tips for face

With regards to the beauty of the skin, there is also a lot of beauty recipes. For example, to whiten your face, you need to take 2 tablets gidroperita and 1 teaspoon of baking soda is all crushed, add a little boiled warm water to make a paste. It should apply to face for 5-10 minutes, then rinse and wipe with a cotton pellet with milk. The result will be immediately. You can also use paraffin wax mask for the face. This is also an effective way.

Beauty recipes for skin

To nourish the skin, need to take a half cucumber, grate it on a grater, add 2 drops of lemon juice and 1 egg. All this mix and apply for 15 minutes on face, then rinse. But in the first and in the second case, the area around the eye stays open and the mask is not applied.

Beauty tips for nails

To strengthen and make your nails beautiful, proceed as follows. At night, preferably before the weekend, remove the remnants of nail Polish, do a warm cleansing bath for them, cut, adjust. Then take a regular drugstore iodine and brush from your old nail Polish and paint the nails with iodine. It is better in 2-3 layers. This procedure is carried out 1 time a week, a month would bear fruit, nails will become strong and will cease to exfoliate. This recipe is very effective.

Recipe for teeth whitening

The beauty of the teeth depends on their health. After all, does not cover broken teeth with tooth decay or lack of them. You need a dentist. But to whiten your teeth yourself at home, you can. Take equal parts lemon juice and baking soda, and mix the paste thoroughly brush your teeth using a toothbrush.

If the teeth are not heavily covered with dark spots, helps even disposable carrying out such a procedure, otherwise it will need to spend once again 2 weeks later. But remember, often you can’t do that, max 1-2 times a month, since it may deteriorate the enamel of the teeth and become vulnerable.

So your beauty is in your hands and care! Try any of the suggested recipes and you will feel the result already after a few days.

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