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Traditional recipes of beauty with kitchen shelves

Using the products almost always have at home, you can achieve the same good cosmetic effect, as if using cosmetics from the store. In addition there is no doubt that you slipped a cheap fake at a high price. And the effect will not be worse. Here are simple recipes for scrubs and masks for hair, face and body from those foods found in every kitchen, traditional recipes of beauty from the kitchen shelf.

Folk wisdom, Medicine and Experience .

Kitchen pantry health

Look in the refrigerator and on kitchen shelves, for sure there exists something that you can prepare the scrub for the face and body useful or nourishing mask for hair. Especially like the recipes are quick home care fans of natural remedies, because such cosmetics are no fragrances, no preservatives, no substances that can harm the environment.

Sea salt for beauty

For example, sea salt is a wonderful natural scrub. Clean the skin of the whole body with a scrub made from a small handful of salt and heavy cream or sour cream. This mixture should be applied on wet body and gently massage, paying special attention to places where rajabalee rough – elbows, knees. This remarkable result will help to achieve the scrub, the second brew made from coffee grounds and olive oil.

Sea salt contains many beneficial minerals, perfectly nourishes the skin with essential nutrients. It is useful to do baths for arms and legs. To make such a dish, salt is dissolved in a small basin of warm water. For better result you can add a few drops of essential aromatic oils, such as lemon.

The best and simple beauty tips

Another great cleanser from the kitchen – corn flour. To get flour, cornmeal need to grind finely in a coffee grinder. In flour add water, the resulting pulp evenly on the face and leave for 15-20 minutes. The mask will work better if dilated, lie down and relax, and at the end moisturize the skin cream.

Mask from oat flour for cooking, cereal also smash their in the grinder, cleans, softens and nourishes the skin. Thus, the more sensitive the skin, the finer you need to grind the flour. Add a bit of water (for oily skin) or cream (for dry skin) to form a slurry, and the mask is ready!

And to clear the skin and give it a fresh new look can be a mixture of soap and shaving cream, edible salt and a pinch of baking soda. This mixture is perfectly cleanses the pores from dirt. As if to make a steam bath for the face (in other words – breathe over the steam), using decoctions of herbs, such as chamomile or calendula, the effect is even more pronounced.

Regular tea bags can be a great tonic for the skin around the eyes. Brew the tea bags need as usual, then remove, cool, put on eyes and lie down for 10-15 minutes.

More food and recipes for health and beauty

A large number of useful for skin substances found in foods like curd, banana, pear, honey, lemon, strawberry.

Lemon juice restores Shine to hair, and face, especially for oily skin, is very useful mask out of egg whites, to which add a few drops of lemon juice.

And to give softness and Shine to hair suitable mask from egg yolks, which also add lemon juice.

Mask of banana pulp softens the skin and smoothes wrinkles, and the mask from the pulp of the pear will give any type of skin smoothness and elasticity, as well as a mask made of fresh strawberries, which is especially useful for dry skin.

Aloe Vera mask for hair

In many homes, growing aloe, also called aloe. If you take one fleshy leaf of this medicinal plant, to make it slurry (using a meat grinder or blender), add one spoon of honey and castor oil (you can replace egg yolk) will make a great nourishing mask for hair. Doing it once a week before washing the head and keep the mask on your hair need an hour and a half.

Try at least a couple of those simple folk recipes of beauty . after all, they were used to preserve their youth and beauty of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, when the “store” cosmetic products was not available.

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