Living and dead water
The company "Akvapribor" releases the activators for the preparation of "living" and "dead" waters (electroactivator) at home Activator waters (electroactivator) - this is a great gift to your families, friends,…

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Physiotherapy in Germany
Pain and limitations in movement are often the unfortunate consequences of the operations of orthopedic diseases, arthrosis, rheumatism, neurological and other diseases. Physiotherapy in Germany is aimed at recovery and…

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All kinds of alternative medicine
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Saint-Germain. Future medicine as a healing.
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Competent doctor always offers the patient several alternatives of treatment. For example, physiotherapy in many cases can completely replace radical methods. This section includes many areas that are classified according to the method of exposure. The very same therapy as the treatment originated in ancient times when people trusted my instincts and used the gifts of nature. Later they began to actively apply electrical pulses, ultrasound and other treatments.

Physiotherapy, basic directions

Today, such procedures treat both adults and children. Because physical therapy is a completely painless and comfortable process. It includes the following procedures:

therapeutic and anti-cellulite massages,

the use of magnetic fields,

effects of ultrasound waves,


interferential currents,

procedures on the traction table.

Treatment in each case is chosen individually. You might be offered several areas of physiotherapy. But the special popularity due to the quickness and efficiency deserve a method of using ultrasound. Wave frequency from 22 to 3 thousand Hertz is able to provide mechanical, physical, chemical and even thermal effect on the body. Procedurality ultrasound helps to activate the metabolism, improve circulation, renew the synthesis of serotonin, heparin. It is proved that this method has no negative effects on the human body. Therefore, the use of ultrasound is widespread not only in the field of physiotherapy, similar procedures are used in cosmetics. With their help, there is an active implementation of drugs at the cellular level.

Features of application of physiotherapy in medical practice

Soft ultrasound treatment is recommended at such diseases:

inflammation of the joints,

skin diseases,

recovery after Oncology,


various forms of eye diseases.

Most physical therapy treatments applicable to patients of any age. Also worth noting is their low cost. Along with efficiency, ultrasonic physiotherapy confidently beats records of popularity. To make it, no need to pre-prepare, the procedure can be done at any time.

In the clinic of A. G. Gritsenko specialists are actively involved in all kinds of physiotherapy procedures. And effectively combined with ultrasonic technique, classical massage.

When the treatment of a doctor the spine in our Center, physical therapy – for free!

Using physical therapy treatments will “shatter” kidney stones and gall bladder. In the treatment of this kind also require the patients with diseases of the reproductive system. It is proved that with ultrasound it is possible to eliminate the inflammatory processes in many bodies. In addition to this physiotherapy, medicine very common electrophoresis. Through these procedures it is possible for a short term non-invasive method to inject drugs. This physical therapy is quite often recommended in the development of myopia of different degrees. The analogy can be and ultrasound.

Today, physiotherapy can be administered not only as a treatment. For example, the procedure ultrasound is often recommended as a preventive measure. This method is more gentle than using magnetic fields or electrical impulses.

Ultrasound is also often used for diagnostic purposes. While in surgery he found the use of other wave parameters. The signal may be fed continuously or at intervals, in the process, the doctor can change the intensity of vibrations. The absorption of ultrasonic waves is always individual, so the doctor judges the physical therapy treatments and their results, and then determines the final number of sessions. During the reception, the patient is completely relaxed, forgetting about the discomfort. Feature of the use of ultrasound is also a powerful burst of energy right after the treatment is completed. In our clinic, therapy is carried out on modern equipment. In the experienced hands of a specialist ultrasound brings the long-awaited effect in the shortest time.

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