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Pranic healing.

About pranic healing

The origins of pranic healing

Pranic healing has been known since time immemorial in all cultures. For example, Indian yoga, Chinese Taoist and Tibetan monks have used prana or energy to post. However, for many centuries, this science was shrouded in mystery, as it was taught and practiced it in secret, in the elite circle in order to prevent its improper use. That the existence of “aura” was known in ancient times, it is obvious from the fact that the portraits of deities and saints belonging to almost every race and religion, portray the Golden light surrounding their head and body and even comes out of the palms of the hands. It’s all image energies.

The word “prana” means energy – the vital energy or life force. According to Hindu tradition, prana is the infinite, omnipresent energy, manifested universe, which is a major component and source of all life. This energy that supports life and health in the body. The concept of vital energy exists in many other cultures, it is known as “Ki” in Japanese, “Chi” in Chinese,”pneuma” in Greek and “Rua” in Hebrew. The main sources of prana are air, sunlight and earth.

Clairvoyants use their psychic abilities see that every person is surrounded and penetrated by a luminous energy body. It is through this energy body prana or vital energy from the environment is received, assimilated and distributed throughout the physical body.

This energy body is also known under the names “aura”, “aura”, “neoplasticescoy body” and “the etheric double”. In yoga it is called “pranamaya Kosha”, unlike the physical body (“Annamaya Kosha”). The aura is invisible to the average person, but it is visible to people with certain abilities. In many countries, including Russia, carried out scientific research to further study the nature and properties of the aura. In 1939, Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and his wife developed a method of high frequency Photography (which became known as kurlyanskaya Photo), with which scientists were able to Photograph and explore the invisible to the naked eye energy radiation.

Energy and physical body are inseparably linked with each other. The action of one will influence the other. Usually any disease, before manifesting in the physical body, it first manifests in the energy body. While doctors treat the physical body, pranic healer brings balance to the energy body, which speeds up the healing process of the physical body.

Thus, pranic healing is based on two fundamental laws:

The law of self-healing: the Body has an innate ability to restore their health.

The law of life energy or prana: Vital energy necessary to sustain life in the body.

In pranic healing life energy is used to speed up biochemical reactions involved in the natural process of healing. With increasing potential energy on the affected part of the body or throughout the body the rate of healing of body or healing of the affected area is increased by several times.

Master Choa Kok Sui

Two basic techniques in pranic healing

In pranic healing are two very simple techniques that are easy to learn. The first technique is clarification, which the healer removes the diseased energy from the body or from the affected area. The second technique is infiltration of the affected area or whole body with fresh prana or vital energy. This is done by projecting prana (energy) through the energy body of the patient while obtaining prana healer from the environment through the energy centers in the palms.

After completing the cleaning and recharge the energy circulation throughout the body improves, which helps in the healing process of the body. Sometimes it helps to remove energy blocks and imbalances to normalize the flow of energy throughout the body, this in itself leads to faster healing process and even “miraculous” healing. Pranic healing is based on natural laws that many lydat just unknown!

Extensive experience healers in many countries showed that pranic healing is effective not only to treat physical and mental illnesses, it also helps prevent disease by harmonizing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of a person. With its help it is possible to boost immunity, to restore forces and improve the quality of life of man, his health and wellbeing.

Distinctive features of the system of pranic healing:

Practical, easy-to-learn, ready-to-use system

Universal, does not belong to any particular religion

Gives predefined results through the careful observance of the instructions

Do not use any medicines, devices, etc.

Non-invasive, painless, without side effects

Does not require physical contact with the patient


Effectively aligns and complements any other form of therapy

Within the system the student is studying to “scan” (energy diagnosis) and other powerful techniques.

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