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Clinic of Chinese medicine “Bai Yun”

Remember what you dreamed in childhood. Finish school, go to College, get married or get married, have children. And to learn how to drive a car, play the guitar, to travel the world and build a house by the sea. The dream changed, achieved and… drop when it comes to the disease.

Scenario, as a rule, standard discomfort, delaying a visit to the doctor, hospital and disappointing diagnosis. And as a solution to problems you are hooked on medicines and inviting on the operating table. Is it possible to rewrite this script? Yes! Visit the centre for Chinese medicine in St. Petersburg “Bai Yun” and dreams about a healthy life will become a reality.

How does Chinese medicine clinic?

Stepping into the center of Chinese medicine “Bai Yun”, feel the harmony and peace of mind. There’s not a hospital, from the word “pain” here begins the path to health and life without pain. White walls, cleanliness and hospitality. They are here to help each patient. And welcome everybody. You believe that to be treated – nice!

How is the first visit to the medical center?

Communication. First, which begins with the meeting of patient and physician — interview. In comfortable atmosphere, for a casual tea ceremony and having communication with the doctor. According to the results of the conversation the doctor understands that you must fix in the body.

Inspection. Alternative medicine sposobstvuet miracles. A doctor can identify the disease on the skin or the mucous membranes. Accurate diagnosis is done with the help of stones, which the doctor acts on the active points of the patient’s body.

Computer-aided diagnosis. Traditional Chinese medicine and modern apparatus in tandem give a good result. Confirmed the preliminary diagnosis and the impact on the active points of the patient.

Treatment. An ancient Chinese technique distinguished by the fact that he perceives the patient as a whole, rather than considering it on its own organs. Therefore, for complete recovery of the patient is used the complex of therapeutic procedures.

Why thousands of patients leave happy from the hospital “Bai Yun”?

Oriental medicine, is shrouded in mysteries and legends, today is next. The center of the “Bai Yun” in Peter highlighted the following advantages:

Professional the doctor . The clinic employs doctors are Chinese. They were trained at home — in China. During his career, has overcome a way from students to teachers and professionals, leading his own practice. Extensive experience of doctors of Chinese medicine centre “Bai Yun” allows you to develop your own methods.

High result . In 95% of cases, patients leave with a stable result. Doctors give people the main value – health. Our treatments are aimed at complete cure, relief the patient. Also runs prevention and rejuvenation of the body.

Security . The treatment is carried out without antibiotics and surgery. The therapeutic course does not lead to allergic reactions. Inside are only accepted natural remedies – healing herbs.

Versatility . “Bai Yun” is a Chinese medicine clinic in St. Petersburg, which offers treatment for people of any age. In the center you will find experts in the field of Pediatrics, Department of dentistry. The clinic’s doctors are struggling with problems such as obesity, Smoking and alcohol dependence.

Myths and truth about Chinese medicine

Health is the main wealth that a person possesses. It is therefore not surprising that when choosing a doctor, each patient goes through many doubts. Consider the main ones:

Expensive . Let’s not focus on the fact that investing in health is the most profitable investment. Just look at the price of the clinic “Bai Yun” and make sure that our prices are the cheapest in St. Petersburg.

Long-term treatment . Chinese medicine works gently but effectively. Pick and choose what is better a handful of pills that eliminate the pain quickly, but at the time, or full recovery.

It is impossible to recover from all at once – it’s quackery! No one will offer a magic pill to cure all ills. The healing process depends not only on the doctor but the patient. Without belief in success, positive thinking expected result will not occur.

The clinic is “Bai Yun” has all necessary certificates and licenses. permitted to conduct such activities in St. Petersburg.

We have to warn you!

Be prepared for side effects after the course of treatment. Our patients complain about the following facts:

Money problems. Finance, which used to be used for cigarettes, alcohol, junk food and bags of drugs now remain in the family.

Breaking down all the plans. Modern Chinese medicine provides a Foundation of longevity. You have to figure out what to do another 20-30 years, which gave Eastern the treatment.

The change of wardrobe. One of the techniques applied in the clinic is diet. After the course of treatment you take extra pounds or gain the missing. The result will be the need to purchase new clothes.

Do not give hospital. In the basis of traditional Chinese medicine is a complete recovery of the whole organism. Get used to positive thinking, good mood and a pain free life.

Restore health, without leaving St. Petersburg. Hurry to visit the center of the “Bai Yun” and make sure your experience in the power of Chinese medicine.

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