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Quince: the benefits and harms. Recipes of traditional medicine

Useful properties of quince, contraindications to its use

Use the quince was known to the ancient Greeks. In other cultures the fruit is also used extensively. Tart, fragrant, it was attributed with miraculous properties. Quince is widely used in wedding ceremonies, gave favorite. The fruit with the unusual taste were considered a symbol of passion and true feelings. Surely, there is something in the composition svitovogo Apple allowing so to treat him. People from different countries and eras this was seen.

The tartness of the tsaregradsky bearance due to the high content of tannins. Fruits few people eat fresh. Prefer to cook different desserts: jams, jellies, marmalade. Utility after cooking has not diminished. Fresh quince is part of many popular recipes.


Quince: the benefits and harms

In kvitova the Apple contains rich vitamin and mineral complex. One piece of fruit a day provides your body with vitamins A and C, iron, acids. In the fruit of a lot of sugars and dietary fibers, which is beneficial to the metabolism.

Unfortunately, for excessive roughness-hardness of the quince is not particularly zhaluyut. And for good reason. Don’t need to eat it fresh. And after heat treatment – please. The fruit becomes softer,sweeter, nicer.

Quince: useful properties

An impressive number in fruit ascorbic acid and pectin elements makes quince an excellent adsorbent. It helps to cleanse the body from heavy metals, to quickly deal with the effects of poisoning. In environmentally hazardous areas such an indispensable piece of fruit.

With regular use of the fruit people less likely to hurt various colds, it becomes less susceptible to seasonal infections. Carotene and vitamin C, which is in the quince – a quarter of the daily requirement, good for the immune system. help her to function normally.

Contained in the Apple grushepodobnoe minerals necessary for the maintenance of the fortress, the elasticity of blood vessels. Tart the fruit is prevention of atherosclerosis, thrombosis and other vascular problems.

Glucose in the composition of quince provides the body with energy. This substance is an important element of brain power.

The dessert has a positive effect on the mental state of the person. It is known that the main benefits of bananas is to improve mood. Quince not only provides inspiration, but also normalizes appetite, cope with insomnia and chronic fatigue.

Dietary fiber in the chemical composition of promote soft bowel cleanse. Tannins prevent the development of inflammatory processes.

Fresh fruits treat anemia (fifty grams of this product contains daily values of iron) and help to reduce the temperature in viral infection. Quince – a General tonic that promotes rapid rehabilitation after various diseases.

Quince juice is an excellent natural antiseptic. It can be used to relieve an acute attack of bronchial asthma and tuberculosis.

The baked pulp of the fruit helps to calm the nausea. Regularly enjoying this dessert, pregnant quickly forget about the persistent sickness.

If a person on the change of the weather increases pressure, headache, bring him a Cup of hot tea with quince jam. After some time, return force, and the discomfort will go away.

Quince tea is an effective remedy for cystitis, and uterine bleeding .

100 gr. quince less than fifty calories. But how much of vitamins and minerals! A solid benefit for the body without extra pounds. So the fruit you want to include in weight loss diet .

Glucose and fructose in the composition of the fruit is a natural sugar substitutes. So quince will be very useful for people with diabetes .

The lotion quince juice refreshes the skin and lightens freckles. Mask from the pulp removes oily Shine. A decoction of the leaves is a wonderful remedy for gray hair.

Folk recipes healing

To relieve the acute attack of bronchial asthma.

Six quince leaves, pour a glass of boiling water. Hold on a water bath for a quarter of an hour. Raw materials squeeze. Pour boiling water to the original quantity. Infusion take two table spoons three times a day.

Uterine bleeding and lack of appetite.

10 grams of dried fruit to put in a half Cup of boiling water. Let stand. To drink on the dining room spoon before each meal.

For sore throat and eye diseases.

Prepare a decoction of quince seeds. Rinse their throats or make compresses for the eyes.

If you have anemia.

Pieces of fruit put it in a pan, add a little water. Simmer until the quinces are soft. Strain and continue to boil until thick.


Tablespoon of dried leaves and seeds, pour a glass of boiling water. Five minutes to boil. Cool. Drink one table spoon three times a day.

From seed doing useful mucus, which helps when you cough, colitis, diarrhea, diseases of the stomach and intestines. Two teaspoons of seeds pour a glass of water and shake for ten minutes. Take a canteen spoon three times a day after meals.

Quince: contraindications

Any fresh vegetables, berries and fruits have a positive effect on the body if not abused. So, the benefits of grapefruit are enormous. Overdone – got harmed. This provision applies to the quince.

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