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All kinds of alternative medicine

What is the mycosis?

To begin, let’s clarify what is athlete’s foot.

Fungal infection (mycosis – fungus) is a common fungal disease . caused by parasitic, pathogenic fungi. Customstream types of mycosis are fungal infections of the skin and mycosis of the internal organs .

To skin types of fungal infection include

1) “Dermatophytosis” is an infectious disease caused by dermatophytes(fungi). Today, science is known 44 species of dermatophytes.

2) “Keratomycosis” – fungal diseases of the skin, called tinea versicolor, parasitic in the Horny layer of the epidermis.

3) “Candidiasis” is a disease caused by fungi of the genus Candida . Many people believe that Candidiasis is thrush and all. However, this is not entirely true. In addition to the well-known female disease, Candidiasis – this skin disease . mucous membranes and other internal organs.

Find out how to quickly get rid of Athlete’s foot

In addition to these, there are many subtypes of mycosis, blastomycosis, sporotrichosis, hromomikoza, so-called pseudomys – actinomycosis, eritrazma.

Now You see how huge and diverse “world” of mycosis fungoides. Some of the most common types of mycosis in our day are skin lesions, tinea pedis,hands and even nails . A little less common mycosis of the scalp.

The main causes of athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot is characterized by its easy transferability, in other words, the infectiousness. The most common is the transmission of fungal infection within the family. According to statistics, approximately every fifth person is able to infect the fungal infection.

Among the main ways of transmission of fungal growth can be distinguished:

1) Constant contact with a sick person athlete.

2) Through the footwear.

3) Through towels, washcloths and other toiletries.

4) the Instruments for manicure is one of the main vectors of fungal growth.

5) Public baths, saunas, toilets.

6) Microtrauma of the skin contribute to the spread of athlete’s foot.

7) excessive sweating or moisture.

The main symptoms and signs of athlete’s foot.

Fungal infection cannot be attributed to the lungs diseases because of the complexity of his absolute cure, and the possible consequences. As with any other disease, rapid identification of fungal growth will help faster and most importantly – easier to get rid of this fungal disease .

It is proved that the probability of the presence of a fungal infection increases with age, thus, likely to become infected with a similar fungus disease from person 60 years is much higher than from the young man.

Signs of anxiety and suspicion of fungal infection can refer to the following factors:

1) Peeling of the skin.

2) Irritation in the folds between his fingers.

3) the Emergence of all kinds of diaper rash.

4) Tooth and exfoliation of the skin on the feet.

5) the Emergence of painful vesicles(blisters) on the feet.

6) Obvious changes in the structure of nails.

7) the Appearance of spots on nails(often yellowish).

8 ) Flaking nails or peeling.

9) Some types of fungal infection is able to affect deeper layers of the skin and even internal organs.

All of this may be due to decreased immunity, prolonged administration of various antibiotics, as well as with chronic diseases.

Methods for the treatment of athlete’s foot.

Methods for the treatment of athlete’s foot.

The main problem of athlete’s foot . but like many other skin and fungal diseases . is the fact that it is difficult to detect at an early stage, in other words, there are no acute inflammatory processes, which greatly complicates its detection.

That indicates again how important it is to monitor changes in your body and timely treatment to doctors, at the slightest symptoms or suspicion(this applies to ANY disease, not just the athlete ).

There is a special doctor – mycologist (dermatologist), who directly deals with the disease of mycosis fungoides .

Of course, that an unambiguous method of treatment of mycosis does not exist, because the methods of treatment depend on many factors, such as:

1) Period of the disease.

2) the Type of fungus of athlete’s foot.

3) the development of the disease.

4) the Degree distribution of Contracting a fungal infection.

5) Allergic to the medications.

6) Chronic diseases.

7) the Presence of comorbidities.

And many other factors.

The main method of treatment of athlete’s foot is a medication(ONLY AFTER CONSULTATION WITH your DOCTOR. )

To date, the most effective drugs to fight the fungal infection are: – fluconazole, diflucan, lamisil, Orungal, termikon.

All of these tools are aimed at destroying the fungal infection .

However, in some(neglected) cases of mycosis fungoides perhaps even the complete removal of the nail.

By the way, don’t forget about the mandatory laboratory monitoring during therapy.

In closing I want to remind You once again about the importance of and need to monitor their own hygiene. And it’s not only brushing your teeth regularly and ubivatsya,

this concept also includes not to use other people’s towels after a sauna and pool NECESSARILY take a shower, wear exclusively individual shoes, not decide in stores shoes on his bare feet…

In short Beregite yourself and watch your health!

Medicine in the mirror of history
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