Folk medicine - Golden mustache, callisia fragrans, treatment of the Golden mustache
Golden mustache (callisia fragrans) - Callisia fragrans. The family commelinaceae. Callisia fragrans (Callisia fragrans) comes from the tropical forests of South America and belongs to the family commelinaceae (Comemelinaceae). At…

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The benefits and harms of medicinal plants
Many people believe the best doctor is nature: it helps to recover practically from all dedougou and never slander their colleagues. Indeed, in handbooks on traditional medicine and nontraditional methods…

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Physical therapy in osteochondrosis of the cervical, lumbar and thoracic
Physical therapy in osteochondrosis Physical therapy in osteochondrosis — one of the effective methods of treatment. Thanks to him, drugs can be delivered directly into the nidus of infection. Physiotherapy…

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Alternative medicine: benefit or harm?

If you look around, you can see how many plants, berries, flowers nature gives us. Since ancient times nature called “the green pharmacy” . Even in ancient times people noticed that using herbs and berries to cure various diseases. When pain in the stomach, for example, drinking a decoction of plantain and pain took place. If you put on a bleeding wound. plantain leaf or nettle, then after a time, the blood stopped. And if a cold drink a decoction of the berries, the man become better. So people and opened non-traditional methods of treatment . using herbs and berries, which he gave by mother nature.

As time went on, and tested recipes of alternative medicine were transmitted from generation to generation. And now, in our modern time, people began increasingly to seek help from nature, taking infusions and decoctions from herbs and berries to treat various diseases. But unconventional methods of treatment applies not only herbal medicine. that is, herbal therapy, and apitherapy – treatment of bee products.

What is different from traditional medicine, modern traditional medicine?

First of all, treatment methods of traditional medicine do not cause any side effects, unlike chemical drugs. The recipes offered by traditional medicine, preventivecare, and drugs, especially new ones that we try to “cram” the doctors, can cause quite serious side effects. These side effects in many cases lead to hospital bed in serious condition. And can you imagine if it is going to have a baby??

But how would the doctors not treated with folk medicine, and among them are those that recognize non-traditional methods of treatment. Let’s remember what the doctor says when it comes to the person who is sick of colds? “Tea with viburnum, raspberry, lemon or honey. To take a decoction mother and stepmother as an expectorant. When you cough, you can take a decoction of sage”. Isn’t that what the doctor said? Isn’t that the recipes of traditional medicine? Is it not better to use these methods of treatment of the same cold. than just take strong antibiotics, and, especially, give their children, knowing that they lead to dysbacteriosis of the intestine.

Let’s not talk about the cold, and, for example, about women’s diseases. What is prescribed by the gynecologist to the woman, after the procedure, cauterization of erosion? – Do tampons with sea buckthorn oil. And in inflammatory processes? – To do douching with decoction of chamomile. What is better – to drink when fibroids potent drugs that do not allow it to increase in size, or to drink a decoction of the herb the red brush, which has the same effect? The difference is that with the right application and dosage of this herb fibroids not only not increased but even decreased in size, and everything, a decoction of this herb has a curative effect on female body. While chemical medications may stop the growth of fibroids, but also adversely affect other organs. I from personal experience know the action of this herb, and medicinal drugs, and therefore compare them. And, by the way, the grass I was advised to drink a gynecologist. As you can see, and in gynecology is also not without traditional medicine.

Many doctors are trying to convince people that alternative medicine can cause harm to human health, but says nothing in this case which can cause harm of chemical drugs. Infusions and decoctions of herbs and berries will not bring any harm, if you follow the correct dosage and all the rules of admission. Alternative treatment can be applied in the treatment of childhood illnesses, strictly respecting the dosage of herbal teas.

Deciding whether to use alternative treatment or not – You decide. But, an experienced doctor who really cares about human health. especially children, still serves in the treatment of any disease to try methods of folk medicine. After all, phytotherapy and apitherapy are not only helps in many diseases, but also has a positive effect on our health.

Physiotherapy (gr. physis-nature, therapeia-treatment) – the branch of medicine that studies the physiological and therapeutic action of natural and artificially created physical factors and develops methods of their use for…


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