Traditional recipes of beauty at home - skin rejuvenation of the face
Traditional recipes of beauty Talking about beauty, the question immediately arises about health and want to find out which traditional recipes of beauty will help in its maintenance. Because basically…

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Olga Seymour beauty recipes
Olga Seymour known as beauticians, image designer, stylist, fashion historian and popular expert on domestic cosmetics. She graduated from Kyiv national University of Taras Shevchenko, specialty "Psychologist" and the Italian…

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Red root promotes restoration of male sexual activity
Red root promotes restoration of male sexual activity - buy Golden root properties of Golden root Golden root medicinal medicinal properties of Golden root tincture Golden root Golden root of…

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The top 19. The most unusual alternative therapies

1. Treatment in cryochamber

About cryogenic freezing heard if not everything, very many. This is a procedure in which the body of the patient, the patient with an incurable disease, is immersed in liquid nitrogen. Frozen man, on theory, will be until you find a cure for his ailments. What if the living, defenseless person be subjected to shock freeze for a few minutes? Just to -85 degrees Celsius?

Proponents of cryotherapy, chattering teeth, claim that a 3 minute stay of a body in this cold plunges the body into a positive shock. Thus there is a release of pain hormones and activates the immune response and even added strength for sports.

“Do you think that urine is a waste? No, silly, it’s food and a panacea for any disease” — assure us, foaming at the mouth, all the followers of this method. One of the sites fans of urine therapy even suggests the “urine can be compared to the delicious food that we didn’t finish, leaving on the plate.” There are even doctors practicing this way of treatment, they are urinoterapii. On the assertions of these “experts” drink your own urine miraculously heals from cancer, cardiovascular disease, allergies, diabetes and asthma.

It should be noted that the treatment of warm urine has been known for thousands of years, but its medical efficacy has never been proven bilopillia, but the consequences of such treatment are unpredictable from an ulcer and gastro-intestinal infections to blood diseases and respiratory tract.

3. Gene therapy

Genetics claim that all the problems of humanity are hidden in our DNA. If the patient has depression, it is due to bad heredity — all offense, his experienced ancestors. If the patient cannot stop Smoking, then, his grandfather worked all his life on the tobacco plant, etc. Intervened in the structure of DNA, genetics brave can destroy defective genes and to make a man happy and independent. How they do it, no one knows (say that DNA healers even offer therapy on the phone…), but the ad is genetic and deliverance from the universal problem of such diseases as cancer, HIV, or alcoholism.

The term rebirthing can be translated to English as “rebirth”, “revival”.

Rebirthing – spiritual movement, founded in America in the early 70’s by Leonard Orr. The main purpose of rebirthing is the transformation of man and his “rebirth in the Spirit.” The concept of “rebirthing” is also used in a narrower sense – as a set of psychic techniques using coherent breathing for working through “trauma of birth”.

According to staunch Rainfinity, rebirthing is a modern method of self-help. It involves the use of specific breathing techniques in order to give a person positive and in-depth view of his mind, body, emotions, as a result confesses, what is contained in the subconscious.

The inward dip is in position “lying” with the help of special breathing techniques with active inhalation and a relaxed exhalation. They say that the soul of the patient in this unusual procedure scrolled erased memories of his birth, the prenatal state and early childhood. It is believed that in this state man finds for example, that childish fear, which has led to psychosomatic disorders in adulthood. What a cunning way fear is erased from the subconscious, and with it also no problems associated with it.

5. Energy pendant for golfers

If you happened to watch the golfers, you could note that many of them, going out on the playing field, put on the neck is a strange necklace, black and silver, triangular shape. It’s not a fashion accessory, and “medicine”, because golfers are convinced that the pendant of the firm “Q-Link” restores their physical and mental strength by reloading a “biofield”. Is there a last? Oddly enough, even scientists with University degrees say “Yes”. Buy quack and crafts to protect against energy vampires.

6. Cleansing wounds insect larvae

Here we will focus on the crawling with fly maggots — disgusting human view of the larvae that get turned into garbage heaps, carcasses of dead animals and graves. but the main feature of these lovely creatures — the ability to clean infected wounds.

This method of purification is known since ancient times, it was then that he got the name openysheva therapy. Today, this non-traditional method of treatment is widely used in the United States. When crawling with fly maggots placed on the wound, they liquefy infected with bacteria tissues and eat them along with the germs, leaving the living flesh intact. After the procedure, gorged, removed from the wound surface, happy healed and discharged from hospital.

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