Medicinal herbs and plants. Secrets of the Millennium
Medicinal herbs and plants have always been held in high esteem in folk medicine. How do you think what is the main drawback of conventional medicine? In poor quality drugs?…

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Pranic healing.
About pranic healing The origins of pranic healing Pranic healing has been known since time immemorial in all cultures. For example, Indian yoga, Chinese Taoist and Tibetan monks have used…

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Top 10 myths of folk medicine: being treated without harm
Faced with the malaise, people rarely go to the hospital, relying on pharmaceutical and grandmother's experience. And as the popularity of traditional medicine over the years has not diminished, we…


Healing: The Basics ( Vultur)
Healing is a complex area of magic, which implies bioenergy, remote, essential or ritual treatment of different levels of energy and physical body through the subtle plans, in conjunction with…


Traditional healers, psychics, herbalist
And when I say to you: please refer to the summoners of the dead, and to wizards, to whisper and lip-synching, then answer: should not a people consult their God?…

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Olga Seymour beauty recipes

Olga Seymour known as beauticians, image designer, stylist, fashion historian and popular expert on domestic cosmetics. She graduated from Kyiv national University of Taras Shevchenko, specialty “Psychologist” and the Italian Academy Cinecitta-Estetica in 1997, becoming a certified specialist in the field of makeup and aesthetics. For many years Olga is passionate about Ayurveda. She believes that the knowledge contained in the ancient treatises are of great value to humanity.

As a recognized expert for the preparation of cosmetics based on traditional recipes, she proved to everyone that taking care of yourself you can avoid spending big money on cosmetics and salon treatments. Homemade beauty products from Olga Seymour brings great benefits for the body, prolonging youth and naturally slowing the aging process. Recipes of masks from Olga Seymour can prepare every woman in the home, will be sufficient simply to look in your refrigerator.

Tips Of Olga Seymour

Smiling at his reflection in the mirror, try to notice which side of the face have more wrinkles. To keep the skin toned Olga advises to sleep on the side of the face where wrinkles more. This will help maintain muscle tone in the weaker half.

For all who facetime a beautiful and even tan it is recommended not to go out in the sun without preliminary preparation of the skin. It is worth remembering that any protective agent begins to act after 10-15 minutes after application, so you do not burn in the sun, we should wait for activity of any means and then to sunbathe.

To avoid irritation of the skin after depilatories should start the procedure sprinkle the skin with talcum powder. Such action will provide the best glide and will protect the surface of the skin from trauma.

One of the beauty secrets from Olga Seymour, who promotes the natural glow of skin is proper cleansing. The easiest way is cleansing with the help of a towel soaked in warm water. This procedure can be performed both in the morning and in the evening, after having washed off all cosmetics. Steamed and rolled towel need to put on several minutes to the face, allowing the pores open and the skin will be completely ready for further procedures.

Hair care

Using air conditioning, do not expect amazing effects if your hair is thin by nature. If you notice that the hair was not as thick as before, you should pay attention to the amount of vitamins, proteins and amino acids which gets your body.

If you are going to use the shampoos for Pets, remember that clinical studies of this product about its impact on humans was not made. Olga Seymour for hair care, recommends using natural products that perfectly compensate the lack of vitamins and activate the frozen bulbs.

Let’s look at the recipe of the hair mask from Olga Seymour . which is recommended for fine hair, is rapidly losing volume.

Composition :

1 Cup honey (buckwheat or lime);

1 Cup brandy;

1 Cup of coarse salt.


All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and poured into the jar. After the closed Bank is placed in a dark place, for a period of two weeks. This mask should be rubbed into the hair roots 1-2 times a week, leaving for 30-40 minutes before shampooing.

A variety of recipes for hair from Olga Seymour a lot. Therefore, choosing for yourself, be sure to consider your hair type and the problem you want to solve it using this recipe.

Hand care

To get your hands always remained beautiful, and the skin was soft, velvety and tender, Olga Seymour in the care of the hands recommends definitely take the time to do a special mask that will provide more intense effect than a normal cream.

Most popular beauty recipes from Olga Seymour is softening hand mask, which instantly makes the skin gentle and soft.


olive or almond oil – 25 g;

honey – 15g;

egg yolk – 1 PC.;

lemon – a few drops.


All are thoroughly mix and the resulting mixture is applied on the hands and wear cotton gloves on top, and walk in them for at least 1 hour.

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