Olga Seymour beauty recipes
Olga Seymour known as beauticians, image designer, stylist, fashion historian and popular expert on domestic cosmetics. She graduated from Kyiv national University of Taras Shevchenko, specialty "Psychologist" and the Italian…

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The secrets of beauty and health. The best recipes of folk medicine
How to maintain the beauty and health at home The secrets of beauty and health. The best recipes of folk medicine As the years go by. When we are young,…

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The benefits and harms of medicinal plants
Many people believe the best doctor is nature: it helps to recover practically from all dedougou and never slander their colleagues. Indeed, in handbooks on traditional medicine and nontraditional methods…

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Traditional healers, psychics, herbalist

And when I say to you: please refer to the summoners of the dead, and to wizards, to whisper and lip-synching, then answer: should not a people consult their God? ask dead for the living?

An appeal to bio-energy – there is an appeal to the enemy of God and therefore nothing good should not wait.

Archimandrite John (Krestiankin) (1910-2006).

Magic black – magic outright evil, magic, which purposefully is so much evil and harm to people – illness, loss, death. “White” magic is evil, disguised under the guise of good. But in that are one and the same force. In black magic a demon is his own person, and in white, according to the word of the Apostle Paul, is transformed into an angel of light (2 Cor. 11, 14).

Archimandrite Raphael (Karelin) (b. 1931).

Think, brethren and sisters, that does not relieve you from diseases warlocks, wizards and sorcerers, but only make a great and grievous sin. If God’s leaving, the devils are coming, what kind of mercy will receive Him and will call Him in prayer? Why ruin his own soul, and that God will answer if because of illness, leaving God to the Magi go? As will be in the Church to stand where the sacrament will take it as teachings will listen?

As colourimetrically, offering small children the pies, the sweet fruit and the like, often go to these lures and are deprived of liberty and even of life itself, so accurately and sorcerers, promising to cure the disease, deprive men of salvation.

If the name of the Holy Trinity are calling for such action, if the invocation of the saints, and if the sign of the cross is induced to run befitting such and obrashatsa.

Are you faithful? Cross; say, this is the only one of my guns, the other does not know. I declare here and warn all of you; I will spare, if someone know what he was doing. spell or other that related to this art. That said, dying child? When it becomes to live from these funds, then it died; and when die without them, then alive again. have you not heard what Christ said: pagebuy his soul, shall find u and obrey destroy the law (Matt. 10, 39). Believe you said or it seems to you a fable. God gave physicians and medicines. But what if they don’t help, and the child departs? Where departs, tell me, poor and miserable are you? To the demons, what does that leave? To the tyrant some leaves? Not to heaven if departs? Not to Lord his own? What do you mourn? What crying? What lament? Why do you love the child more than their Lord? He gave you a child? Why are you so ungrateful that you gift love more than to give?

St. John Chrysostom. (IV-V century).

About magnetism, when asked me to drink, and I responded that Christians are given the highest and truest power, faith, and prayer, and, therefore, to go on the lower path, groping polygaamy soumission human, there is a decline.

The Holy Hierarch Philaret, Metropolitan of Moscow (1783-1867).

Exhausted to the extreme sick people, experiencing constant bodily suffering, begins to look for any way out of them. If it is not fortified by faith and not familiar with Church regulations, often the search ends with the sufferer falls into a demonic network. Nowadays, 90 years of the 20th century, they are extensively scattered in the form of all kinds of salons of magic, hypnosis, magic, healing, psychic, coding, bioenergy – examples do not count. If a person goes to the Ministers of these occult Sciences or the “wise old women”, committed a terrible sin against the first commandment of God and it is a terrible deal: by purchasing health the soul of such a careless man sold to the devil, and in eternal life (afterlife) poor expecting terrible torments, if he does not confess this sin. The Church has always been blessed to seek help only to doctors, skilled in medical science. (experts-professionals who know their business). Many “greens”, the healers and the healer hiding behind the name of God and saints, working on filling icons (you can see from their advertisements), they say that pray, believe, uvarivajut crosses himself, and are actually the servants of Satan, only in sheep’s clothing. In this part of the healers blatantly send “patients” between sessions of their treatment to go to Church, pray, take communion, to venerate the icons. You can ask the question: where is a substitution, what is the falsity of these “healers”? That man, according to the teachings of the Church, trying to “cure” spiritual means do unspiritual people not following the main rule of the spiritual: before the healing of the body cleanse and heal your soul from sin in the sacrament of penance. Outside the Orthodox Church, outside the priests of this Ordinance no. The Church is the House of God. “Come unto Me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 2, 28) – thus says the Lord. “To me” in the Church, in the House of God, where dwells the Holy Spirit, and not stadiums, theaters, or studios, which are considered to be housing all kinds of evil forces. The Church and hospital are the two places where the sick is blessed to go.

Priest Sergei Filimonov (the twentieth century).

Pranic healing.
About pranic healing The origins of pranic healing Pranic healing has been known since time immemorial in all cultures. For example, Indian yoga, Chinese Taoist and Tibetan monks have used…


Folk medicine - Golden mustache, callisia fragrans, treatment of the Golden mustache
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