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Than to treat ringworm in humans (rose, tinea, pityriasis, ringworm, etc

Symptoms depriving

That a person had zoster, can testify the following:

First formations on the skin appear on the arms, abdomen, legs, less often on the scalp or on the nails;

The lesions are pale pink spots in the center which begins to peel off the skin;

There is a slight rise in temperature and the increase in peripheral lymph nodes.

After appearing of their first suspicion of the presence of lichen should consult a doctor. Although the disease poses very little threat to human health, it can bring him a lot of worries and discomfort.

In addition, it is highly contagious. Therefore, the patient should be isolated until medical advice and follow-up is necessary several times a day to carry out hygienic treatment in the house to completely prevent the spread of the disease.


To date, there are following types of lichen:

Pityriasis versicolor (this variety accounts for half of all cases of infection);

Lichen planus (often found in childhood);

Pityriasis versicolor (predominantly affects the adult population, is characterized by a protracted course);

Ringworm (one of the most common forms of lichen, the treatment is simple enough);

Rotveileri (often develops after an infectious or viral diseases);

Herpes zoster (characterized by severe, treatment should be in hospital).

How to treat ringworm in humans?

The treatment of this disease depends on its causes, form and the presence of comorbidities. All this can be clarified only by a careful examination of the person. Thus, the treatment and diagnosis of all types of lichen are quite closely intertwined and must be considered for each form of the disease separately. Below describes the most common types of lichen and their treatment.

How to treat pityriasis rosea?

This lichen does not need any specific treatment. Usually it goes away on its own after 4-6 weeks. If severe, a doctor appointed one of the antihistamines – loratadine, Tavegil, Zyrtec, etc.

In addition, for the entire period of treatment should abandon the adoption of water treatments, as well as to exclude the possibility of wearing woollen clothes and use any cosmetics for the body. Important! In any case can not comb and RUB the affected area of the skin.

How to treat tinea versicolor?

I advise you to read:

Treatment of dry corns

Shingles requires special attention, therefore its treatment should be under close supervision of the attending physician. This will enable us to avoid the many unpleasant complications. Most often in the form of denying appointed antiviral drugs (Acyclovir, cyclomax, valacyclovir, etc. Additionally, you may need a course of physiotherapy treatment.

Treatment for shingles is quite long (about 5 weeks). All this time, it is necessary to protect damaged skin from infection and subsequent sepsis.

How to treat pityriasis versicolor?

The main treatment is the use of local antifungal agents. One of the most effective is Èkzoderil, which comes in the form of a gel, cream or solution.

Earlier this purpose was used the usual salicylic alcohol, however, after such treatment was frequently observed relapses. Today this development is typical for those occasions when people try to treat lichen folk remedies without first consulting your doctor.

How to treat ringworm?

The whole struggle with ringworm based on the following principles:

This disease is highly contagious, so the first thing you need to take care of the isolation patient;

Every day must be treatment is affected skin special medicines;

The man, who was discovered ringworm should undergo treatment using antifungal drugs. The most effective is a drug called “Griseofulvin”, produced in the form of tablets and suspensions.

Before treatment the patient shave off all the hair on his head and do this procedure every week. On the affected skin every morning you need to apply a 3% solution of iodine, and before bedtime, sulfur, salicylic or sulfur-tar ointment.

How to treat lichen planus?

The main principles of treatment of lichen planus are:

Eliminating itching;

Vitamin therapy;

Warning attach infection;

Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and their prevention;

Physiotherapy and Spa treatment.

The drugs of choice for this type of lichen are antihistamines, such as Loratidine, Zyrtec, Tavegil and others.

Extras can be assigned to the immunomodulating agents (IFN, Decaris), corticosteroids (Prednisone, Tselestoderm, Diprose), and a multivitamin.

Is it possible to treat herpes folk remedies?

There are plenty of popular recipes, but not all of them are equally effective and safe. However, many of them can really speed up the healing process. However, to avoid unpleasant consequences you should consult with your doctor about the need and safety of use of any folk method of treatment.

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