The benefits and harms of medicinal plants
Many people believe the best doctor is nature: it helps to recover practically from all dedougou and never slander their colleagues. Indeed, in handbooks on traditional medicine and nontraditional methods…

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Medicinal plants in cosmetology
Greetings, dear friends! Medicinal plants have long been used in folk cosmetics in the form of poultices, compresses, masks, wash. The most popular at all times such plants as chamomile,…

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Than to treat ringworm in humans (rose, tinea, pityriasis, ringworm, etc
Symptoms depriving That a person had zoster, can testify the following: First formations on the skin appear on the arms, abdomen, legs, less often on the scalp or on the…

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Animals that are treated

In the beginning of XX century doctors instead of tablets could prescribe to their patients, for example, horseback riding. A century passed, but the animals continue to treat people.

Not feeling well, bad mood? Do not rush to the pharmacy for medications fashionable, and look around. Here the cat sits, is the most common baleen-striped, and his own purring songs. Stop! And what he sung? Maybe he’s not just sounds like, and with meaning?


Scientists from the Institute of communication of animals (USA North Carolina), many years researched published by songs of ordinary domestic cats, found the sound range of their purring somehow increases the growth of their own bones and strengthens them by 20%. Moreover biofield cats relieves headaches ( people), inflammatory diseases stabilizes the heart, strengthens the immune system.

Cats just need people suffering from mental illnesses, heart disorders and brain damage. High blood pressure and to reduce high blood pressure, just enough to stroke a few minutes male cat or female cat.

It is interesting that the brothers of the niche the smaller of the cat family can even help those who suffer from one of the most terrible diseases sovremennostyu tied alcoholics and drug addicts. They help them finally deal with the addiction.


The assistance that can be provided horses to sick people, has a name: hippotherapy. You’d be surprised, but these animals are perfectly help in diseases such as disorders of the musculo-skeletal system, atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal diseases, scoliosis and even, imagine, mental retardation. from last sickness tablets are still not invented, but communication with horses is very, very helpful to patients of this kind. And it is not a fantasy of seminaryjnych “healers”, and long ago proven medical fact. Hippocrates in the V century BC talked about the benefits of riding not only in terms of physical health, but also how a positive psychological impact on the rider.

Of course, the treatment of horses, it is more than difficult. Not everyone in the courtyard there is a riding stable, and get used to the same traumatic brain injury in the process of riding can be easily. One solution is to contact the equestrian club, where experts will choose an individual program.


Of course, we can’t forget about the dolphins – perhaps the best doctors of the animal world. Communication with them helps even children with down syndrome and cerebral palsy. And not to be unfounded, we present as an example the story of Elena Butova, a doctor and head of the rehabilitation center Moscow Dolphinarium: “we had a boy, Oleg, brought in three years with a very severe form of cerebral palsy. Totally paralyzed arms and legs, head is poorly kept, but with intellect. First in the pool with the Dolphin began to slowly revive the hands. The first two or three years, Oleg was trained to capture the ball: each session for 20-30 minutes Dolphin just put his hands on the ball and took away. Then Oleg the first time turned out the throw. Today he is a laureate of international competitions, plays the piano and the flute.”

Mingle and swim with dolphins at the Dolphinarium even a healthy person. a charge of vivacity and good mood will be guaranteed!


The dog – not only man’s best friend, but a wonderful doctor. Don’t believe? Judge for yourself.

In Antiquity there was such a thing as “temple dogs”. These dogs always stood praying in the temples of Asclepius (Aesculapius) and licked their wounds. Survived even the tracks left healed. Here, for example: “the Child of Aegina suffered from a tumor on the neck, but temple of the dog healed him through language. ”

But dogs can heal not only his miraculous saliva. A shaggy friend will easily master the depression, closed in itself help a person to communicate with other people. Furthermore, dogs, like dolphins, treat children with cerebral palsy and down syndrome, are able to “revive” partly broken paralysis after a stroke and much more.

However, for serious treatment is not suitable for all breeds. After all, the main condition for a dog is a kindness to people and especially to children. For canistherapy best suited Labrador, Golden Retriever, Labrador, black Terrier and, of course, German shepherd.

Competent doctor always offers the patient several alternatives of treatment. For example, physiotherapy in many cases can completely replace radical methods. This section includes many areas that are classified according…


Physiotherapy (gr. physis-nature, therapeia-treatment) – the branch of medicine that studies the physiological and therapeutic action of natural and artificially created physical factors and develops methods of their use for…