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Medicinal herbs and plants. Secrets of the Millennium
Medicinal herbs and plants have always been held in high esteem in folk medicine. How do you think what is the main drawback of conventional medicine? In poor quality drugs?…

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Medicinal herbs and plants. Secrets of the Millennium

Medicinal herbs and plants have always been held in high esteem in folk medicine. How do you think what is the main drawback of conventional medicine? In poor quality drugs? The incompetence of our “superqualitative” healers-health workers? And maybe in both? What is the advantage of traditional medicine, having in the Arsenal of medicinal plants, before the official offering of the synthesized human medications, many of which are brilliant?

Medicinal herbs and plants

It is noticed that in the XXI century, treatment and prevention of diseases of medicinal herbs and plants for some reason many people causes mistrust. Preference is given to pharmaceutical pills and vials of medicine. Confidence in the Ministry of health more than traditional healers with their herbs and plants.

What is the main difference from the official medicine folk?

Traditional medicine looks at the human body as a creation of Nature, it is a unified and harmonious whole. Treatment — medicinal herbs, as well as methods based on the use of natural factors. About it, no one better, tells in his books Neumyvakin Ivan Pavlovich.

Official medicine, as if it feels strange notto sound, focuses not on the body, and some patients bodies. Treatments — pills and other chemical compound in the form of medication.

Here and buried her fault. I wrote about the system of healthcare in this article. In our clinics doctors that do not take into account the fact that each system of the human body constantly depends on other systems.

Can not be said about the healers of traditional medicine working with herbs and plants. Getting treatment, they primarily take into account the interaction of all systems and begin to treat the whole body, not specifically any diseased organ.

In addition to medicinal herbs and plants they have and other methods of treatment based on the treatment of natural factors. Practice adopted by the official medicine methods and means of treatment can’t heal the entire body.

At the place fixed by the doctors of the symptom will come out the other. If not immediately, and over time, but it will appear. You know what I mean? The doctor just fixes the symptom, not cure you.

Here, it would seem people will recover completely, but no. Eliminated instead of one symptom another comes out and it all starts again.

Illness of the body is the only existing disease in the world. It can show itself in different places: the heart, liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, etc. And this is not different kinds of disease organism, but only its characteristics. From this and repel traditional healers.

These characteristics can help knowledgeable and helpful a person find the road to healing. And the person is unaware, or who does not want to know, this road will only dream of.

What is the difference between natural drugs synthesized by man?

Similar to a musician tuning his instrument, setting up on herbs healthy mood overall “sound” of the body, the “sound” of each organ.

It is clear that medicinal plants are not some “Theraflu” which for one or two days “cope” with the disease. The immediate effect is they do not give. Drinking medicinal herbs have a long period of time. But they act with care, softly and gently.

The main advantage of medicinal plants is that they are not pushed inside the symptoms, from which the load becomes even greater, but on the contrary, throw out the sore.

About the healing properties of herbs and plants was known long ago. I think even cavemen used them for medicinal purposes. Knowledge is passed from generation to generation, from sorcerer to sorcerer. And we can consider ourselves lucky for getting them. After all, it is the experience of thousands of years.

Knowledgeable people successfully use “green pharmacy” which was built by Nature itself. Luckily for us, thanks to the Internet, many of the recipes from the healing herbs and plants in the twenty-first century is available to everyone. And healthy the one who is armed with this knowledge. More and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle. and the universal interest in folk medicine, is slowly but surely growing.

Today, medicinal substance extracted from herbs and plants can be found in the form of infusions, powders, tablets, decoctions and tinctures, many of which are on sale. However, we must be careful in their choices and beware of low-quality product.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that medicinal herbs and plants have a huge advantage over synthetic drugs man, which, by their therapeutic effect is inferior to them.

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