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The benefits of watermelon

The benefits of watermelon. Treatment with watermelon. Harm and contraindications

Hello, my dear readers! Want to continue the theme of fresh summer berries. Let’s talk today about what are the benefits of watermelon. And consider, what is the harm to human body this large berry, and whom it is contraindicated. Those green “balls” with appetizing red pulp quenches thirst in addition they can be healed from many diseases. But if you don’t know all the details of the use of melon in food and using it for medicinal purposes, it is possible to hurt yourself.

The benefits of watermelon

The flesh of watermelon contains a lot of useful elements. Thiamin, carotene, Niacin, ascorbic acid, it’s not the whole list of benefits of this berry. The antioxidants in watermelon have a positive effect on all systems of the body. In addition they are well clear of toxins, prevent cancer and many other diseases. Watermelon strengthens the immune system and stimulates the protective forces of the human body.

Benefits of watermelon still is that this is one of the few berries that has in its structure a large amount of folic acid. As is known, this acid is very useful for the nervous system. This element stimulates the correct development of cells and makes a significant contribution to the formation of the nervous system of the unborn child. So couples who are planning the birth of a baby, must pay attention to it.Mothers who have given birth and breastfeed your little treasure, too does not prevent to include in the diet of watermelons, since they stimulate the process of lactation and establishing digestive processes.

People who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidney, benefits of watermelon too by the way. This is one of the best natural diuretics, cleansing the kidneys of toxins. Watermelon prevents the formation of stones and salt deposits.

Those who seek to rid extra pounds, it is also recommended to eat that big berry from the family of melons. Diuretic effect of watermelon will not allow the accumulation of excess fluid, low calories will not add weight and, thus, the person feels full.

Irritable people need every day to eat the flesh of the watermelon, then their nerves will be fine. Hypertensive patients should also know that it is very important use watermelon . In this case, again helps a diuretic effect and the presence of berries magnesium.

Benefits of watermelon: recipes of folk medicine

During fever it is recommended to take watermelon seeds, grind and connect them with cold water, which you must boil. The ratio of components should be one to ten. Restrictions on the use of medicinal drink is not for taste it can be sweetened with honey or syrup;

Colitis and gastritis take 100 grams dried peels of apples, and boil them with half a litre of boiling water. Infuse until cool, then strain. Drinking a healing potion is recommended before meals for one Cup;

If the tortured gout attacks, it is very useful to arrange a 2-3 days fasting, eating only watermelon pulp. Every two hours you need to eat 200-300 g of pulp. This simple tool really helps with joint problems;

Use a day 2-3 pounds of watermelons helps to eliminate pathological bacteria and eliminate kidney stones oxalate and urate type. This same tool is used for correction of pyelonephritis and cystitis.

Harm and contraindications watermelon

People with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract should be wary of melons, as they can lead to diarrhoea.

If the kidneys or the bladder has formed stones before starting the treatment with water-melon it is necessary to consult with your doctor. If the stones are too large, then this treatment is generally contraindicated.

It is forbidden to eat watermelons, if the violated the outflow of urine. If diarrhea and colitis are also watermelon can hurt.

Purchase berries have only proven the point not to purchase a watermelon, filled to the brim with nitrates. This can lead to poisoning.

Benefit of watermelon is undoubtedly great, but you eat it in unlimited quantities is not recommended. All you need to comply with the measure.

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The benefits of watermelon
The benefits of watermelon. Treatment with watermelon. Harm and contraindications Hello, my dear readers! Want to continue the theme of fresh summer berries. Let's talk today about what are the…