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National Center for Tibetan Medicine in Beijing, Tibetan medicine

General information

National Center for Tibetan Medicine in Beijing is the only government medical facility of this level and profile in China. Officially the Centre is not cooperating with any other medical institutions in China or abroad. In Tibet such hospitals a lot, but they do not provide inpatient treatment. These hospitals are herbal pharmacies, where are the doctors who diagnose and advise what Tibetan medicine to drink.

In Tibetan Medicine are healers who have passed many years of training in Tibet, and doctors from Tibet. To become a doctor in the field of Tibetan Medicine, you must first complete one of the institutes of Chinese medicine, and then taught at the Institute of traditional medicine in the Tibetan Department. This faculty is located in Tibet. Branches also in neighboring provinces. Classes at the faculty are conducted in the Tibetan language in education are accepted only by local residents.

National Center for Tibetan medicine in Beijing was established in 1989. The work on creation of such Center in Beijing began after a trip by Jiang Zemin in Tibet. During this visit, Jiang Zemin in particular visited the factory producing Tibetan medicines, and has paid great attention to autoindustrie in General. The results of this trip the previous head of China instructed the Committee for nationalities to study in detail the political sphere in Tibet and to begin to develop and spread to other regions of China. In 2003, the state had built for our Center’s new building.

Now there is a hospital for 140 seats with different levels of service, including hotel service and interior design that allows patients not to feel “like a hospital” and creates a psychological comfort.

Here you can also undergo sanatorium-and-KURORTNOE treatment. At a preliminary consultation and admission are 20 doctors and about 80 doctors of all profiles engaged in the actual treatment.

Drugs, offered by our Centre are made by leading experts according to copies of Tibetan pharmacology. Original selection of component parts, the traditional ways of preparation, precise dosing of ingredients and specific appointment times provide the maximum curing effect for a specific disease and the immune system increases the body’s resistance. Our doctors carry out diagnostics of all organs and systems heart, identify diseases and disorders in the organism at any stage. They carry out individual selection of drugs of vegetable and animal origin, give advice on nutrition, lifestyle, correction of metabolic processes. We cure zabolevaniya cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, liver and gall bladder, urogenital, musculoskeletal, blood diseases, skin Allergy and other diseases and metabolic disorders.

To come here from Russia to inpatient treatment, you must first send us an extract from the medical history, the diagnoses of Russian medical doctor, according to him, we will draw up a treatment plan and send individual invitation to treatment.

A contraindication to the treatment of the Tibetan techniques is the following. Tibetan Medicine is not suitable for the treatment of acute periods of any disease (before treatment of any acute symptoms shall be removed or stabilized by the methods of Western medicine). This is not treated the cancer at the last stage, the last stage of internal diseases, infectious diseases. In General impairing of the body’s various diseases need mild treatment, which is time consuming and requires additional observations of Western physicians. Tibetan medicine is contraindicated in pregnancy. Children can start curing methods of Tibetan medicine, starting from 7-8 years of age. The treatment is conducted only by Tibetan methods, but if necessary use Western diagnosis.

In addition our Center is a lot of work with tourists. Tourists are brought here by groups on excursions. They talk about Tibetan philosophy and medicine, about the Center, we also offer a free consult with a Tibetan doctor, and then on his recommendation to buy medicines. The medicines offered to tourists have a tonic effect. For more serious treatment, you must consult a doctor on an individual basis.

Welcome to the treatment and consultatii everyone. The doors of the State Centre of Tibetan Medicine in Beijing are always open to all who need us.

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